Non-surgical Treatments For Joint Problems | Knee Pain At A Glance

If y3 alternative treatments for osteoarthritisou are concerned that you may have knee problems, acting quickly can save you significant amounts of pain and may be able to stop the progression of this common disorder. Men and women age 45 and older are particularly at risk for degenerative diseases including arthritis of various types.


What Can Be Done To Treat Bad Knees And Minimize Painful Symptoms

A commitment to regular exercise has been shown to reduce pain while increasing flexibility, in addition to improving your general mood and outlook on life. Be sure to talk with your physician about which types of exercises will best meet your needs and fit your lifestyle./b

Weight management is also critical, as joints that are forced to support excess body weight will naturally be more stressed and painful. Remember to listen to your body and slow down when you need to.

And since physical healing occurs during sleeping hours, making sure you receive sufficient rest also aids in healing.

What we have to offer is a series of NON-SURGICAL treatments for KNEE PROBLEMS such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tear/Torn Meniscus
  • Tear/Torn Tendons
  • Rotator Cuffs

Remember, acting quickly is the key. The sooner you visit your physician, the sooner you can begin recovering from this degenerative disease which can significantly reduce your quality of life.

As with any form of medical treatment, you should consult with your physician before embarking on any treatment plan. The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be deemed accurate for the purposes of diagnosing your particular medical condition