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    Are you a good candidate for either Stem Cell or PRP Therapy? Get a Free Medical Screening from our doctors and see which treatments is right for you.



Osteoarthritis. The most common effect is inflammation. Inflammation causes pain, tenderness, swelling, and redness.

PRP TherapyPRP Therapy

PRP Therapy. These platelet cells are packed with healing and growth factors designed to help repair your injured area.


Viscosupplementation is one of the most popular ways to lubricate and cushion worn out joints.

Stem Cell TherapyStem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy can treat a wide range of Joint and Osteoarthritis Disorders. Don’t live with pain anymore!

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Our Orange County Office is now accepting online appointment scheduling for New Patients only.

You can make a request for an appointment online and save time! We will contact you to verify that your appointment is scheduled. The online appointment calendar is only available for our Orange County office and to new patients. We hope to have an additional calendar for our Azusa office soon.


Optimal Spine & Health Medical Center is a leader in the most-up-to-date and refined programs for Stem Cell Therapy, Osteoarthritis,Viscosupplementation, Sports Medicine, PRP Therapy, Medical Ozone Therapy and Prolotherapy for Rejuvenating Damaged and Arthritic Joints including knees, shoulders, hips, ankles and hands.


We utilize state-of-the-art diagnostics, including revolutionary video flouroscopy (a low-dose motion x-ray). This allows us to visualize pain in motion and also deliver a precision treatment that is unparalleled. We also use a specific combination of testing and analysis with technology that aids in selecting the proper treatment for each person. At Regenerative Orthopedic Clinic we specialize in the treatment of arthritic and damaged joints using stem cell therapy, viscosupplementation,osteoarthritis treatment, sports medicine, prolotherapy and medical ozone therapy.

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